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    Meet Teddy!
    A music and storytelling teddy bear
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    He puts your kids to bed
    with your voice, lullabies & stories
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    Reads to loved ones
    when you are not present
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    Shares and schedules
    your recordings to play from anywhere, anytime

Welcome to

A music and storytelling teddy bear that lets you play children songs and stories and your own recordings, especially those from distant family members.

The perfect learning toy for kids.

The perfect gift experience that brings grandparents, military families and distant relatives together with little loved ones.

Our Features

Meet Teddy

A music and storytelling teddy bear with a bluetooth acorn speaker.

Teddy's App

A mobile app with preloaded audio books and songs you can play. Or you can record and play your own.

Teddy's Storybooks

Three fun and educational storybooks that your kids can read along to.


Super soft, plush teddy bear with removable speaker for washing. Plays for 5-8 hours.

Care & Share

Teddy's App lets you share your recorded songs and stories with remote family members.

Remote Parenting

Teddy reads his storybooks to your kids with your voice when you can't be present.

teddy bear with a bluetooth speaker

Hi, I'm Teddy!

  • Plush Teddy Bear

    : Who enjoys bringing families together.

  • With Acorn Speaker

    : A bluetooth speaker in the shape of an acorn your kids will love! (5 - 8 hours playtime)

  • Includes App and Storybooks

    : A recording mobile app and 3 Storybooks.

  • For Your Loved Ones

    : For ages 3 and up.

Download My App

Help me play songs and read stories


Fun and educational songs and audio stories.


Record your own lullabies and stories.



Share recordings with remote family members to play for loved ones.


Queue songs and stories to play at anytime or set sleep mode.

Get My Storybooks

Come Read along with me


TeddyMozart Paints A Rainbow

Come read along with TeddyMozart as he tells a story about the colors of a rainbow.

Help TeddyMozart gather brushes, paint and identify the different colors of the rainbow.

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