TeddyMozart® is a Brooklyn based startup of six passionate musicians and consultants aiming to create a new, unique and memorable experience that transcends family memories beyond borders and time, forever, through a music streaming app and a bluetooth plush toy.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between generations by helping families create and preserve lasting memories while providing a musical and educational listening experience for young children.


Business address : 125 Court Street | Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 917-656-8071

Email: info@teddymozart.com


Carlton grew up in Jamaica and remembers the songs and melodies his grandmother used to sing to him but missed the opportunity to record her because there was no easy way of capturing those memories so that he could store it safely and later share it easily with his kids. Solutions in the market today are fragmented and limited. One of our advisors, Soham, also experienced a similar problem.  When Soham’s grandmother passed away, Soham had some of her voicemails stored on her phone from her grandmother but Soham had to quickly and manually save them in the cloud before her wireless provider deletes them. This was not a great experience either.

There is no simple, straightforward solution that exists today. Families can record their messages on their phones but if they lose their phones, they lose the recordings. Families today use several apps like WhatsApp, Hangout, Facebook Messenger, and Facetime to communicate with other family members and kids but content is scattered, lost or unorganized with little or no option to preserve and re-play for our kids.

TeddyMozart aims to give families the opportunity to easily store their family memories forever and simultaneously create a better musical and educational listening experience for kids. The vision is to share love and inspire growth in young children. Over the past 6 months, we've researched the impact of music on early child development and found evidence to conclude that sharing love and inspiring growth in young children can be easily achieved through music, especially music which is uniquely special to each family. 

We decided to take it one step further by enhancing the personal family music content with a public library of children's songs and other educational content provided by 3rd party content providers like independent children's music artists. We believe that the combination of the personal and public content will give parents total music freedom and flexibility, thus create a better listening experience for kids.

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