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10 ways music supports early brain development for kids

  1. During early childhood, the brain is extremely “plastic,” meaning it is more malleable, sensitive, and adaptable to its environment. 

  2. Visual and auditory input also stimulates an infant’s neural connections.

  3. When singing, two areas in the brain essential to language ability are engaged: Broca’s area (associated with the production and output of speech) and Wernicke’s area (associated with the processing and input of speech).

  4. The parent1-infant attachment relationship has been connected to gene expression and even to the physical development of an infant’s right brain, which regulates stress, emotion, and ability to self-regulate.

  5. Sensitive and responsive caregiving during the first year of life also helps to build the foundation for essential cognitive skills called executive functions (e.g., working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control). 

  6. Early communication between an infant and a mother/caregiver (often referred to as “motherese” or infantdirected speech) has been labeled as having a musicality, suggesting that the infant brain may be predisposed to certain universal melodic and rhythmic elements of communication.

  7. Brain research has emphasized that it is an infant’s active engagement with his surroundings that influences brain development. 

  8. Music gives gives young children the opportunity to practice patterns, math concepts and symbolic thinking.

  9. Playing songs and using music styles from children's home cultures create continuity between the home and the caregiving setting.

  10. Music is one of the few activities that allows us to use our entire brain.

Adina, TeddyMozart is for you

Meet Adina Oberman

Adina Oberman with her beautiful daughter Talia

Adina Oberman with her beautiful daughter Talia

Adina's story is an inspiration to us all and is the prime reason why TeddyMozart was created.

The story...

Adina hopes to share TeddyMozart with her little girl, Talia. Talia is 10 months old and Adina can already see how much music makes her come alive. Talia shares this love of music with her dad, and her grandfather Stuart. Stuart was an amazing musician who had a passion for music his entire life. Unfortunately he passed away after a long battle with cancer before Talia was born. Stuart wrote and recorded dozens of songs throughout his life, and now Adina's husband is currently working on digitizing them and remastering them so that they can share Stuart's recordings with family and friends. Adina is hoping to use TeddyMozart to bring Stuart's music to life for Talia, and for all of the children in their family. 

Adina's TeddyMozart Challenge...

Thank you Adina! We've got you covered :-). 

Features supported by TeddyMozart

  • Record your own messages, songs and stories
  • Store them automatically in the cloud
  • Upload existing audio from your phone into the cloud
  • Play your recordings and create playlists
  • Schedule songs to play at a certain time or set a timer off to stop all songs from playing at a certain time
  • Share songs with anyone via username (if they have the app), email or link
  • Explore new songs, stories and educational content from the public library provided by our partners. Now featuring songs from Jessy Tomsko, and stories from Nicole Haley and Storynory.
  • Pictures - add a profile image and song/story images to personalize your content.

Readers, we ask that you share this story with at least one other person who has experienced this same problem as Adina or who might benefit from the TeddyMozart solution.

Thank you,

Team TeddyMozart

The TeddyMozart Fan Club


It all started when you began showing us that you truly believe in preserving voice memories to create a better listening and educational experience for young children.

Our Fan Club is for you. The early adopters, champions and advocates of the TeddyMozart idea. You told us to keep going because you love what we are doing. To show our appreciation, we have created a community of a selected few to witness the TeddyMozart experience before it hits the market.  

How are fans selected?

Our TeddyMozart Fans are selected based on whether they have pre-ordered the TeddyMozart Smart Toy, signed up for our beta test program or they have shared a story for the TeddyMozart Challenge.

How does this make me cooler?

  • You will be one of the first to try the TeddyMozart app launching next month.

  • Your feedback will help shape the TeddyMozart experience.

  • You will be the first to know and try new features.

  • You are a honorary TeddyMozart Fan Club Member. This means you get the VIP treatment.

How will I benefit from TeddyMozart?

  • Capture and preserve your legacy: your stories, voice memories or songs.

  • Your content is easily stored in the cloud and made sharable with friends and family members.

  • Busy parent? Schedule songs and stories to automatically play throughout the day to inspire or encourage kids activities.

  • Traveling parent? Tell a story or sing a song to your loved ones from anywhere in the world at anytime.

How will my kids benefit from TeddyMozart?

  • Your little loved ones listen to your voice memories, songs and stories through the comfort of a plush toy.

  • No need to break routine: kids listen on their own time or schedule.

  • Play a collection of songs and stories from your own private library or from the public library pre-loaded with hours of content.

  • Less screen time.

How can I be a part of this?

You can start by joining our newsletter.

Thanks to our early supporters!

Here's to our early adopters. You have been with us since the beginning and are still with us. Thank you for not only believing in our vision, business and product but showing us by voting with your wallets. For that, we are really grateful and would like to recognize you in this post.

Thank you for being awesome..

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