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Can I wash Teddy?

Yes. You can wash teddy on the delicate cycle but make sure to hang dry and not put in dryer.

Can I put Teddy in the dryer?

No. We recommend NOT putting Teddy in the dryer. Instead, hang teddy to dry.

Can I store things inside the Teddy?

You can store small and light objects inside the zipper of Teddy.

Can I place Teddy outside the crib?

Teddy can be placed outside the crib to play for babies but not to be placed inside the crib or to given to children age less than 3 years old.


What Bluetooth signal should I look for to connect to the speaker?

The speaker can play up to 5 to 8 hours. 5 hours if played at the maximum volume setting and 8 hours if played at a low volume setting.

How long does it take to charge?

The speaker takes about 1.5 -2 hours to be fully charged.

How do I turn on/off the speaker?

You can turn on or off the speaker by holding the round button for 2 seconds. The alert sound indicates you have turn on or off the speaker successfully.

What devices are supported?

All Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, computer or tablet that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I connect my device?

You can connect your smartphone or tablet device to Teddy via Bluetooth. Connect by visiting the Settings on your device. Select Bluetooth then turn on the speaker by holding the round button for 2 seconds. Search for TeddyMozart Bluetooth signal and select to connect. Once connected, you will hear an audio alert indicating that you have connected successfully.


How do I record my own voice, song or story?

Open the app and click the + button on the upper right hand corner of the app. Then click RECORD. Tap the button to record and tap again to stop recording. Optional: Add an album cover, title and artist. Hit done.

Where are my recordings stored?

You recordings are stored in your personal library. To find your recordings, click LIBRARY on the bottom navigation bar. There you will see a high level view of your playlists. Then click the button on the upper right hand corner to view all to see all of your recording.

If you have previously created playlists and have placed your recording in a playlist, you can select the respective playlists containing your recordings.

How do I share a recording?

You can select a recording by navigating to your recording (in library) and clicking the micro menu next to your recording. Select Share then choose your method of sharing amongst: email, sms, whatsApp, etc. to share with your loved ones.

Do I need the app to receive recordings from family members who are using the TeddyMozart app?

No. It is recommended that you also download the app to make recording, organizing and sharing of your personalized content easier but you can also play recordings you receive from family members in your web browser without the app.

How big is the explore library?

The explore library has over 200 hours of stories, songs and fun audio for kids with over 20 hours of playtime. We are constantly updating and adding new content every month.

What kind of content is in the explore library?

You will find a combination of songs, stories and fun sound effects that span across education and entertainment for kids.

Can I play music and stories from other music apps?

Yes. When your device is connected to Teddy's speaker, you can choose to play music from spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon and more in addition to the TeddyMozart App.


What are TeddyMozart stories?

These are our own branded storybooks. Each TeddyMozart Stories' audio has its own respective physical storybook that you can a) download the PDF free of charge or b)purchase the hard cover copy from one of our partners.

How do I use the Storybooks?

Storybooks can be used by kids to aid in reading. Each kid reads the storybook while Teddy tells the same story using its audio version.

Storybooks can also be used by parents or a family member as a guide to record a personalized story that can later be shared and played for kids.

How do I get more storybooks?

You can download the PDF version from our website when they become available.