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How it works

Teddy- How it works

Turn On

Unzip bottom of bear and remove acorn bluetooth speaker.

Press round button of bluetooth speaker to turn speaker ON / OFF.

Re-insert bluetooth speaker back inside the zipper portion of bear.


Go to Settings in your smartphone or tablet.

Select Bluetooth.

Search and select TeddyMozart from the list of bluetooth devices.


Start recording and playing music and stories using the TeddyMozart app.

App - How it works

Download and install

Download the TeddyMozart app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.


Android App

Explore and play instantly

Open the app and begin exploring songs and stories from the TeddyMozart library.

Explore the categories and click to play any song or story instantly!



Click the icon on the upper right of app to record.

The app will prompt you to sign up to create an account.

Your recordings will be linked to your account.


Click the micro menu next to a or story.

The app will prompt you to sign up to create an account (if you haven't already).

Share a song via email, SMS, WhatsApp or social media.

The recipient of the shared song will be prompted to play via the TeddyMozart app or on the web.

Storybook - How it works

Learning without
a screen

Our storybooks help kids learn to read without use of a smartphone or tablet.

Learning with

Teddy acts as a companion by playing the audio version of each storybook.


Each storybook is designed to aid kids of all ages learn about caring, friends and family.

Learning with love

A family member can choose to record his or her voice reading one of our storybooks.

Free Download

Free PDF of our storybooks coming soon.

Hardcover Storybooks

Our hardcover versions of our storybooks will be available for purchase soon.